Free Excel Download – Microsoft365

For those preparing for office work and certificate through free excel download use, I’ll tell you three ways to use it.

I will let you know by dividing it into methods that are available on mobile and computer and methods that can be used if the Internet is connected without installation.

3 free ways to use excel download

1. Download Microsoft Edge for free
2. Free Microsoft membership
3. Use Microsoft 365 for free after logging in

The edge and Bing search engines have changed the most as Microsoft confronts Google through artificial intelligence AI Chat GPT.

In the past, Microsoft fell to a single-digit share due to Google’s Chrome, but the number of users has been increasing significantly through Chat GPT.

As a result, Microsoft has come to include Microsoft 365 on the Edge! I made it available to anyone with a Microsoft account.

Download Microsoft Edge

First, download and install Microsoft Edge. The download and installation process will be replaced by the link above.

And you can use Microsoft 365 immediately by creating an account through free membership registration on the Microsoft homepage and logging in.

Download Microsoft Edge

If you want to use Microsoft 365 on your mobile, please see below!

Microsoft 365 Mobile App

Mobile App Download Supplies: Smartphone, Email

The official Microsoft website provides office mobile app downloads. Just type in your email and they’ll send you a download link!

If you connect by referring to the screen and link below and enter an email, you can download a mobile app that can be accessed anywhere by clicking the link.

Get a free Microsoft 365 mobile

You don’t have to worry because it’s the data sent from the official website,

and you can enter an e-mail in the input window marked with a red border and press the Send Now button.

If you want to use the Microsoft 365 program on a computer or laptop, not on a mobile phone, let’s try the following method.

Microsoft 365 Free Web Version

Microsoft Free User Supplies: Internet-enabled PC

As non-face-to-face work sharing such as blockchain and cloud services has become commonplace,

Microsoft 365 programs can now be used without downloading and installing them.

Surprisingly, Microsoft is also offering it for free, but it doesn’t stand out as it is free, so many people don’t seem to be using it properly.

If you look at the photos and links below, you can see the message on the web that Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. are available for free.

Free Microsoft 365 Online

What you need for free use is an official Microsoft account! You can easily get an ID with a free membership.

As you can see in the picture, you can access the Microsoft Office program anytime, anywhere by pressing the free registration button and registering.

This is where the question arises. Why does Microsoft offer these services for free, not for a fee?

Why Microsoft 365 Programs Are Free

With monthly subscription systems now in place, including music, dramas, and movies, Microsoft 365 programs are also moving to subscription systems.

Then you can ask me again if the free is going to be gone soon!

There is a difference in storage space between free and paid. Difference between free vs paid members

The difference is that free members are given 5GB (5GB) one-drive free space, while paid members are given 1TB (1 terra).

It looks like a print multifunction machine selling at a low price and selling related ink at a high priceAs it turns out, free money can’t go away.

And if you keep using it, you’ll have to fill up the storage space and you’ll pay the monthly subscription fee to buy additional storage space!

Now I think you understand why Microsoft 365 programs are free on mobile and computer.

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